Ireland Bed & Breakfast

Why booking direct matters

The B&B Owners Association exists for the benefit of its members and their guests. Booking either on members websites or on websites operated by the association means you are booking directly. Are you aware of the facts and why is this important?

  • Booking with online travel agents (OTA's) incurs a commission of up to 20% for B&Bs
  • Commission forces up room rates - booking directly is always best
  • Commission means less revenue / profit for a family run business
  • Commission means less tourism revenue for regional development
  • These high rates of commission closed many a B&B during the recession
  • B&Bs are raising their rates to meet large OTA’s demands for commissions
  • Who are these online travel agents?
  • Are you really getting the best room rates? Unlikely, just check the room rates on this website or if you're a regular visitor to Ireland, The Blue Circle Club
  • Booking direct allows a B&B to keep more of its profits to re-investment in their B&B and maintain the standards for guests.
  • Booking directly means your payment stays in Ireland and helps the regional economy rather than the profits of a multinational OTA.
  • As you tuck into and enjoy your inclusive breakfast, ask yourself who deserves your hard earned cash.

Booking on this website means NO Commission for our members and just a small booking fee for our Associate Members.